Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm so exhausted and tired!

Well early this morning I got up and went golfing with dad and one of his doctor friends from work. We went to a pretty nice little course in Santa Fe. It was alot of fun and I did ok. I just really need to work on my putting the most probably. Anyways, that took alot out of me and was pretty tired by the time we got back home. Then we decided to go swimming at the local pool at the park pretty close to dad's house. It had been a long time since I went swimming so it was a lot of fun. Here's a pic.

With all the sun exposure I had today my face is pretty darn red. I did use sunblock but I guess going in and out of the pool a couple times didn't help. So I'm pretty tired...and of course here I am, up late on the computer. Well, just wanted to get this in....and tomorrow should be a pretty fun day too!


Tyson and Alli said...

Looks like fun! I wish we could go swimming. All the rain we've been having is depressing!