Thursday, July 16, 2009


Here's the update finally. Lots of pics and a video or two. Kim and I were in California for 2 weeks visiting her family and house sitting for her parents the week they went up to girls camp with Kim's younger sister. It was so hot down there! It takes me back to my mission days biking around down there. Anyway, first off we went to the San Diego zoo a couple days before the 4th of July. It's huge and way awesome. Here come the pics!

Kim loves otters, so I'll start with one!

The tigers were kinda hiding but I caught this one.

The hippo was awesome, he came right up to the glass. He's huge!


We took the Skyfari across the zoo and went right over the the gorillas.
Everyone loves the meerkats, they are actually smaller than I thought in real life.

The California Condors can have a wingspan of 10ft!
A kapibara

This lynx was kinda irritated so I took a video.

Black Panther

Snow Tiger


The elephants were pretty sweet.
The polar bear was huge and we watched him for a while.

I had a lot more photos, but these were some of my favorites. For the 4th, Kim invited some friends to a little bbq at her parent's house and for some fireworks. She made a lot of fun little snacks and I think she posted em on her own blog. We didn't go to any big fireworks show but her dad had gone and bought a ton of fountains and other things for us to set off.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quick Update

It's been pretty crazy lately with traveling to California so I haven't really sat down to blog what's been going on. I have lots of pictures/video to post of...well a ton of stuff. So Hopefully within next day or so I'll sit down and sort it all out.