Friday, April 10, 2009

...and 2 months later.

Well, I have not had a lot to blog about the past couple months. Kim and I haven't been real active. We just like being together, and that just might be boring to the rest of you lol. But now that Kim drove home to give her sister her car, I'm alone for almost a week. I was most worried about her driving alone the whole way, and after I knew she got there safe I was good. It's been boring though. I've just been watching movies and TV alot, and yes video games (duh).
Kim left me a nice big cleaning/chore list to do while she's away. I think I'll take care of yeah. I'll get to it lol. I'll probably be helping someone move out of their apartment tomorrow. they offered free pizza! Then Sunday i'll be singing in the ward choir for easter. Monday i'll be hanging out with our friend Mark since his wife will be outa town too. He also served in my misson. He's also our home teacher so it's nice.

I miss Kim alot though. We haven't been away from eachother more than like...a few hours since we were I think it's true. We do spend every moment together! So this is a real bummer, can't wait till she gets back. Time goes slow...real slow. It seems like she is really enjoying herself at "home" though so i'm glad she could go. We text and talk online though so it's bearable lol.

Anyways...I think I'm gonna take a shower and maybe go out to get some food, and some special easter shopping so Kim and I can have our belated easter together when she gets back next week ^.^


Kimi Jean said...

It's so true about the time thing!
The only times we're really apart are when I'm in relief society and you're in priesthood!

Tyson and Alli said...

I know the feeling! I hate it when Tyson is gone. I guess that is one of the many joys of being a newlywed! I'm glad you guys are doing well. PS Way to go for singing in the choir on Easter! I'm so proud! :)