Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back at it.

I decided I should get back to posting, it has been a while. Married life is just too much fun to blog lol. Anyway, there are things going on I can post about I guess.

Kim and I are for sure going to be working in Yellowstone park this summer at Flagg ranch. We've sent in all our paperwork and deposit and just need to show up there on May 18th..or 19th I forget. It's only a 2-3 hr drive to where we are going so it's not bad. Also, we just bought plane tickets yesterday to head back east to my hometown for a week in the beginning of March. I have not been there for over a year. It will be great to show Kim around where I grew up and catch up with old friends. Mom said she will hold an open house for us so that should be fun. It will also get us out of our apartment for a while since we don't do much currently anyway.

As far as school, I've emailed them 3 times trying to find out my status on whether or not I am able to change my major. I haven't heard back yet and that's one of the reasons I deferred this semester. I couldn't register for classes without it being changed. I just wish I could get it over with.

"It's probably not a good idea to be chewing on a toothpick if you're talking to the president, because what if he tells a funny joke and you laugh so hard you spit the toothpick out and it hits him in the face or something."