Thursday, November 20, 2008

Whoa...where have I been?

9 days! Geesh! It seems like I made that last post like 4-5 days ago. Oh well.

Anyways, life is good. I am so ready for Thanksgiving break! I just need to take a calculus test tomorrow then I'm done. As far as plans for the break, Kim and I are gonna be around till Sunday then gonna head down to Utah and hang with Jenna's family for a day probably. Then I think we are gonna end up going down to California for Thanksgiving stopping in Vegas on the way down and maybe on the way back where my family will be. That will be convenient because we can go get our marriage license taken care of while we are there. Not that we probably couldn't get it the day of the is Vegas! At least we will be prepared. Nothing else is gonna get in the way of everything going as planned! So it will be a fun trip, allot of driving though. Blah. At least I'll have Kim along with me. Never have to drive long trips alone again! <3 I could just say allot of mushy lovey-dovey stuff about Kim, but I'll try not to sound like the girl in the relationship lol. She constantly reminds me of how sensitive I am already. I owe that to growing up with 4 sisters I guess. lol.

I really only have 1 big project left for my programming class. It's a huge program simulating a tournament of sports games. It's gonna be insane. Then for social dance class we have group performances and a competition to do yet. It's been a fun class. Our group is doing the foxtrot to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Foxtrot is the most boring of the dances we've done so we weren't very excited to get it. There are 18 of us in the group and have to make up our own dance. I'm still up in the air for next semester...I'm still trying to get my major changed and I haven't registered for classes....I can't actually till it goes through since I had to petition(I have way too many credits). I might not get the classes I need.

Kim and I applied for this summer job in Wyoming at a ranch. It looks way fun, and we might just be able to live in her parent's RV, although housing for employees is free aside from the $8 a day for meals, which is not bad. We could end up doing alot of different jobs there. It would give us something fun to do as well. Plus not having to pay rent for an apartment for a few months would be nice. It's only 2.5 or 3 hrs from Rexburg too. It's called Flagg Ranch Resort.


"If you had a school for professional fireworks people, I don't think you could cover fuses in just one class. It's just too rich a subject."


Anonymous said...

oh wow thats cool where in Wyoming!?